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Your Space is a well being hub.  It is designed to help you find things that work for you – resources and ideas for managing the thoughts, feelings, memories and sensations that might be getting in the way of your life being the way you would like it to be.


Your Space is also for those who are supporting victims/survivors.  Whether you are a partner, foster carer, parent, sibling, colleague or friend of a victim/survivor of any form of sexual violence or abuse you might find the resources here useful for understanding what the person you care about is going through.  You will also find various suggestions for taking good care of yourself at a difficult time.


To use Your Space, sign up here with your email address and a password you can remember easily. Once registered you can save your favourite resources and go back as many times as you want.


For privacy and security purposes we also ask that you read our Terms and Conditions before you register.

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