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Getting help

What we offer


SERICC provides specialist services to anyone who is experiencing, or who has experienced, any form of sexual abuse or sexual violence at any time in their life.


Sexual violence is a term that includes any sexual behaviours that are unwanted or that happen without a person’s consent. Sexual abuse and sexual violence does not have to involve physical contact. It includes rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, online grooming and indecent images of children. 


You can contact us for support for yourself, your child, someone else in your family or someone you know.


SERICC is a confidential service that is independent from social services, the police and other official agencies. We will not tell you what to do or judge your actions.


We offer counselling by telephone, using a secure online room or in person. We also offer emotional support and practical information. 


SERICC recognises that women and girls who have experienced sexual abuse and violence may need safe, women-only spaces that is offered in SERICC premises.  Other venues across Essex are located in multi use buildings. 


We provide women-only referral pathways; meaning when you initially contact SERICC you will only ever talk with, or meet women workers.  SERICC provides dedicated support to men with male counsellors.


Due to high demand for services, you may be placed on a waiting list, but you can access information and support while you wait by calling 01375 380609.

Information and support

01375 380609