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Brighter Futures Programme


The Brighter Futures Programme

SERICC’s Thurrock Brighter Futures Programme aims to enable families/carers to make confident, informed, choices which they feel are right for the children in their care. Under this programme SERICC provide an integrated, intensive and highly personalised offer of help intended to support and equip families to learn and apply parenting skills that develop resourcefulness and resilience while strengthening positive relationships with their children. The 12-week programme is reviewed at 8 weeks and depending on the complexity of a case, it can be extended for continued support if needed. The weekly sessions are for one or two hours, depending on the resources being used.  


Who is the Programme for?

This service works with parents where either they have been the victim/survivor of sexual violence/abuse themselves or their children have been the victim/survivor (non-recent or recent/current). The service takes a whole family approach by working with all members who require support, regardless of who the victim/survivor is. It works to recover parental relationships and capacity where these have been damaged by the impact of the sexual violence/abuse. It also focusses on parents’ capacity to safeguard children from the harm of sexual violence and abuse and to enable parents to have the skills to speak with their children about staying safe from harm and or exploitation. It does not provide counselling services; however, service users are often referred into either the adult or young person’s counselling service (funded separately) or under 13’s play therapy.


Direct Work with children aged 4 to 12 years old

(children being referred outside of the Brighter Futures Programme)

We are funded by Thurrock Council to provide a limited number of spaces per year for direct work with Thurrock children who have made allegations of sexual abuse or who are showing early signs of sexualised behaviour.


On receipt of a referral, an initial assessment is undertaken.  An age appropriate programme of work is planned, focusing on child sexual abuse, sexualised behaviour, sexual violence including sexual exploitation, safety awareness raising and education for parents and/or children. We propose between 8-10 sessions per child, which is reviewed midway.


Referral Process

Online referrals can be made by professionals, completing individual referral forms for each member of the family being referred for either the Brighter Futures Programme or Direct Work for a child via www.synergyessex.org.uk or www.sericc.org.uk