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Sexual Violence Awareness Week



The Essex Rape Crisis Partnership (www.synergyessex.org.uk) are proud to support the second annual national Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week, which will take place between Monday 6th and Sunday 12th February 2017.


Organisers of the campaign hope the nationwide week-long series of events, hosted by local organisations, will spread the strong, clear message that any form of sexual abuse and sexual violence is unacceptable.


The Week aims to generate discussion among the general public, statutory bodies and voluntary and community sector organisations, to empower victims and survivors, and to unite us all in the acknowledgement that sexual abuse and all forms of sexual violence are 'not OK'.


A spokeswoman for the Essex Rape Crisis Partnership said ‘Since April 2016 to date the three Rape Crisis Centres in Essex have provided specialist services to 2,447 victims and survivors.  Since launching our new Essex wide telephone number in January 17, and across the partnership, we have responded to 3,939 telephone calls for support and information.  The need and demand for our services is at an all-time high as more and more victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse come forward to seek support and justice. The individuals we work with range in age from 4 to 83.   There are currently 622 individuals who are being supported through the criminal justice system with over 60% of victims and survivors reporting sexual crimes to the police.

Whether we've experienced sexual violence directly or not we all have a responsibility to stand up - this and every week - and send the strong, loud message that it is not OK, not ever’.

Campaign founder Yehudis Goldsobel said: “We need to put this topic at the forefront of the national conversation and not be afraid of it. Only then can we address prevention and change. Anyone who’s been affected by sexual abuse or sexual violence needs to know they are not alone and that action is being taken.  We also want perpetrators to know it will not be tolerated and we will all speak   up about it – the shame lies only with them. All forms of sexual abuse and sexual violence are totally unacceptable and we want to get this message across.”         


All of the events, discussion points and activities can be found on the campaign's website here and follow on social media via the hashtag #ItsNotOk.          

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