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London Marathon 3 October 2021 2021



London Marathon 3rd October 2021

SERICC is delighted to announce that Rob Archer has successfully run the London Marathon on behalf of SERICC.


Rob stated that “I have been wanting to run the London marathon for many years ever since I worked the water stations from when I was about 11 years old.

In 2008 I had a serious motorcycle crash where I fractured my leg in many places and was left unable to walk for 3 and a half years was even told I might never heal. After 4 operations and from the help of one of the best surgeons in the country I was able to walk again. After not been able to walk for so long the leg was weak and I was unfit. I started exercising, just doing a lot of walking and then to move onto gym work. After time I started to run on the roads building to 5k and 10k runs.









My goal was still not complete as I wanted to run the London marathon. After 6 years of trying, I got a place in April 2020, but due to covid restrictions my dream seemed like it had ended as the event was cancelled.

I still managed to run my marathon in the October 2020, but this was achieved virtually. I found out that I gained a place in the Guinness World Records for the most users to run a remote marathon in 24hours!


Still determined to run in the Marathon I applied and was successfully so on the 3rd October this year I will be in London to finally fun the 41st London Marathon along with what is looking like another 50,000 people. This could this be another world record very possibly My goal my dream will be complete this year".

"I want to run on behalf of SERICC for all the help they have given my family.

It really is an honour to run this for you".


If you would like to sponsor Rob and make a donation, please go to:



or visit Rob's Crowd Funding page