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In memory of Trisha



Trisha Greenhalgh died from cancer on February 10th. She was only 53. She knew she was going to die since the summer; and she was honest about how she felt about it -scared, disbelieving, and  completely aware of what lay ahead, having looked after her dad and her brother in their terminal illnesses. She and her life partner, Chrissy, got married as quickly as they could. Some things become more important when you don’t have much time left.


Trisha was a civil servant throughout her career. She worked for the Ministers for Women in the Women’s National Commission, pushing forward women’s rights, especially on violence against women and girls. 


Trisha wrote about her own experiences of sexual violence in her semi-autobiographical novel, Oh, Blood n’ Sand. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oh-Blood-Sand-Gabriel-Saint/dp/1784550396


oh blood n sand


She brought that experience and her passionate feminism to her work, and to her life in Essex. In her memory her friends are contributing to the life-saving work that SERICC does every day and have donated £200. Her friends invite you to contribute to SERICC’s work – and support the many women that SERICC helps to rebuild their shattered lives.


If you would like to donate in Trisha's memory please go to 

In memory of Trisha