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Getting help

Counselling and advocacy


SERICC counselling service


SERICC has a dedicated centre based in Thurrock Essex plus outreach hubs and online facilities where specialist female, sexual violence counsellors can offer you a private space to support you.  Male counsellors are also available on request.

SERICC's counsellors will never force you to talk about anything you are not ready to.  The counsellor will answer any questions you have about counselling or other support needs.


SERICC advocacy service


An advocate is someone who can help you speak up so that your views are heard, and your rights are met.  An advocate is someone who will listen to your problem and will work with you to find ways to put it right by either helping you to talk to the right people or just being with you through difficult circumstances. SERICC has Independent Sexual Violence Accredited Advisers (ISVAA).  These are trained women who can support you if you feel unhappy about something that is happening to you and you don't feel that an agency, you are already involved with, are listening to you.


All of SERICC's counsellors and advocacy workers have successfully completed accredited training. If you want to know more about training please ask when you phone or when you come to your appointment.