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Rape Crisis South London has launched #BreakTheSilence, a series of films for young survivors aimed at explaining the police, the court system and the Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA) support available from Rape Crisis.


FILM ONE: Leila speaks out

Rape Crisis South London present the first of a series of four short films following a survivor of rape called Leila, who chooses to access support.



FILM TWO: Leila seeks support through Rape Crisis

This is the second part of a series of films showing a young survivor of rape accessing support.



FILM THREE: Leila reports her experience to the police

This is the third part in a series of short films following Leila, a survivor of rape, as she goes through the process of reporting what happened to her to the police.



FILM FOUR: Leila gives evidence in court

This is the final part of the series following Leila, a survivor of rape through her experience of the criminal justice system, with the support of an Independent Sexual Violence Advocate. Here we see her about 12 months later when she goes to court to give evidence.